[ic] Problems with construct account.html

Mark Adams madams@cybernet.com
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 10:44:40 -0500 (EST)

The form submission on account.html wasn't checking for missing fields,
so I had to make a few changes. This is against version 4.6.4.

It still doesn't check for missing fields, if you select "Save and
Checkout". I think that getting that to work would require some more major

I also added an else to show a confirmation message of "Information
Saved" as required for usability. Otherwise people clicked on save all
day, "wondering why it didn't save".

I don't know if everything I did was required, but it works now. I really
am just now getting into this ic tag stuff.

-Mark Adams

< [/if]
> [else]
> <P><FONT COLOR=__CONTRAST__>Information Saved.</FONT></P>
> [/else]
> [/if]
<               <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Save Acct. Info">
>               <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Save" NAME=mv_click>
<               [set Save and Checkout]
<               mv_nextpage=ord/checkout
<               [/set]
> [seti clear_errors][error all=1 hide=1 comment="Clear errors"][/seti]
> [set Save]
> mv_todo=submit
> [/set]
> [set Save and Checkout]
> mv_nextpage=ord/checkout
> [/set]

Mark Adams