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I didn,t know that you were using mysql...Database products EXCEL 1 will
only work on dbm databases and its text files. However there is a solution
to your problem. 
First set up a myodbc on both the unix box and an the users box.

Then setup odbc on the windows machine (assumming thats what your client is
using) using myodbc as the driver of choice and then set up the DSN

Then use MS Access and set up a link tables to mysql via your DSN

Your client will be able to edit the database directly through
MSAccess...and its automatic(no re-importing or exporting)

All of this is in the documentation on maintaining the databases with
MSAccess is under icdatabses.pdf section 8.3


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Thanks for your help with the :
Database products   EXCEL   1

However, I get an internal server error when I put the line into my
I am using MySQL and IC 4.6.3
Could I take a look at your catalog.cfg to find out where you put it?
Is the space b/w the words tabbed or is it a space?

Thanks in advance!

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