[ic] mv_search_line_return and [loop-pos n]

Ed LaFrance edl@newmediaems.com
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 11:01:18 -0800

At 11:43 AM 03/29/2001 -0500, you wrote:

> > Hello all -
> >
> > When using mv_search_line_return to put a full row from a db (or text 
> file)
> > into search results, it seems that there is no tag display the full
> > row.  In the case of a loop search, it seems that one must use 
> [loop-code],
> > [loop-pos 1], [loop-pos 2]...etc.  Can anyone confirm this, or is their a
> > tag which yields all the fields in the row as one string?
>         [loop-line]

Dear Mike -

Thanks for taking the time to answer this question, and my previous one 
regarding [fly-list] and arbitrary databases.  I guess you probably know 
that the answers to both lay hidden in undocumented features - just a drop 
in the bucket compared to those that remain uncovered.

Interchange just keeps getting better.  Is there an initiative for the 
documentation to keep pace?  Does Red Hat/Akopia need assistance with 
this?  As much as users used to groan about the docs back in the Minivend 
days, they were far better and more complete then, than they are now, in my 

- Ed L.

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