[ic] Zelerate going under? (Potential Redhat acquisition)

Dan B db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 12:52:47 -0800

Linux Today quotes a story on the register about Zelerate possibly going under:


Unless I'm the victim of an April Fools (quite possible).

What about Red Hat coming in to save the day?  Akopia skillfully wove 
together Tallyman and Minivend (okay, mostly minivend), so why not look at 
the possibility of weaving together some of the code from AllComerce?  For 
example, the "Warehouse Management" and Fulfillment house integration stuff 
sounds pretty interesting.  While we're at it, maybe some of the fired or 
soon-to-be-fired perl-hacking, GPL-coding talent from Zelerate would be 
valuable?  (AllCommerce is coded in perl *and* under the GPL, so that 
should help).

Frankly, I never have trouble recommending business decisions.  (Problem 
is, people frequently recommend them to me too, i.e., "Be quiet, Dan").


Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, danb@cyclonecomputers.com