[ic] Re: Can't locate object method "test_column" via package "Ven d::Table::InMemory"

vasile_abo@wexim.com vasile_abo@wexim.com
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 13:48:03 +0200

Hello Mike and Interchange users

> Apparently a defect in lib/Vend/Table/InMemory.pm. Add this line near
> the bottom with the similar lines:
> *test_column    = \&Vend::Table::Common::test_column;
> This prevents the typical Safe error when trying to access the superclass.
> Added to CVS, stable and devel both.

Thanks for taking the time to study and correct this.
I'm glad my problem helped to get rid of a (very small)
bug. BTW, I suppose, you added all the other functions
(column_exists, columns, config..) to InMemory.pm

Have a nice day,
Vasile Calmatui