[ic] ISO-8859-2 Problem

klosar18@email.si klosar18@email.si
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 14:51:46 +0200

Quoting klosar18@email.si (klosar18@email.si):
> We're having problems with interchange when trying to
> import/export iso-8859-2 character set,when we export
> the tables to an xls excel format.The character set
> iso8859-2 fails..letters :澹.The item list page in
> UI admin pages shows them correctly but when you
> on edit item the edit item page shows them messed
> up,plus if you import the xsl files back even the
> statically build pages get all messed up and the
> characters are written with weird ascii characters
> no text editor can show correctly .So if anyone has
> idea where the problem is please let me know.If it
> helps I'll setup another demo store with login and
> where the problem can be viewed.We can't inport any
> products in slovenian language because of this

Try importing/exporting to a tab-delimited file and see
if you have the
same problem. If you do, then it is an Interchange
problem and we
will certainly take a look at it.

If you don't see the same problem, it is a
or Spreadsheet::ParseExcel problem, or in our
interfacing thereto.
But a quick perusal of the docs for those don't mention
any methods
which allow us to specify the character set.

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em this is actually why we switched to excel exporting
the tab delimiting was creating weird characters,and
when excel did the same thing I posted the problem
here.Just to be safe I reinstalled interchanged tried
the import/export thing in excel and tab delimited
again with no luck.The characters always get messed up.