[ic] To Interchance or not to Interchange!

IC-Admin interchange@my-school.com
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 13:16:05 -0500 (EST)

UP - Jason wrote:

> 1. Is Interchange better than platforms like Intershop, Miva, and
>    others?  

	What a question, of course. :-) 

> 2. Redhat positions Interchange as a Blue Martini and Broadvision
>    killer.  Is this true?  Does Interchange kick butt? 

	If you knew how much my butt hurts from all the kicking...
> 3. I have a very competent front-end development team that also
>    have really solid back-end skills.  Will they be able to do all of
>    the set-up and integrations work easily or should I choose an
>    established integrator? 

	You said the were competent, so...

> 4. How can I find an installer/integrator?  If you are one yourself,
> feel free to email me directly with examples of your work and a
> description of your company and services. 

	Not me, but reading this site you should know where to go...

> 5. Redhat is offering me a service contract.  Should I buy it
>    if I choose to work with my own team and not an established
>    Interchange integrator? 

	Yeah, that would rock, you get the best of the best.

> 6. What can you tell me, pro/con about using Interchange?

	pro - how much time do you have ?
	con - get outta here...


OK, I needed  to do this today, have to start the day with a smile.
Hopefully you don't belong to the humour challenged. IC is a strong and
flexible platform with a high learning curve and parts of it in develop
ment. You should get help from the people who are insiders and that's 
basically the people who developed it or the ones who used it from the
beginning and have always updated and are familiar with the latest
changes. So, there are some hats out there worth looking after.

P.S. Not affiliated to any hats, that's just my little revenge for
RH bashing all over lately. I think they do a great job and they will
come out with very nice services.

Birgitt Funk