[ic] HTML editor

Jonathan Melhuish jonathanmelhuish@email.com
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 21:14:53 +0100

The best HTML editor is Bluefish (for linux)
http://www.bluefish.openoffice.nl - but it does exactly what it says on the
tin; it edits HTML code.  There isn't any graphical representations, you
code, assisted slightly by buttons that automatically insert common codes,
and then view the output in a browser.

Perhaps this doesn't suit 'graphic designers', but why shouldn't they learn
to code HTML properly?  It's not exactly difficult, especially when you
compare it to Photoshop!


"F. James Rohlf" wrote:

> Editing the Interchange catalog files seems a bit awkward because the
> various files (pages, special_pages, and normal HTML files) get swapped in
> and out dynamically by Interchange. Which HTML editors work best in this
> environment? Obviously, MS FrontPage which I have used for 'normal' web
> pages does not work so well here -- even if I could figure out how to get
> the FrontPage extensions installed.
> Thanks, Jim
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