[ic] inventory not activated? -- also "Page (nothing) not found"

F. James Rohlf rohlf@life.bio.sunysb.edu
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 16:52:51 -0500

On the store I am developing the stock always comes up as 'N'. When I enter
as administrator the product tables show 'N/A' for the inventory quantities.
I did upload the inventory.txt file and when I look at it as admin I see the
quantities I entered for all products.

Do I have to do something to enable inventory checking?

Another problem is that when enter as a customer, enter a quantity, and
click 'Buy' a page comes up saying the following: "Sorry, the page (nothing)
was not found". What page is it trying to find and what have I probably
messed-up in order to have this happen?

Thanks, Jim