[ic] Multiple Ship To's

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Sat, 31 Mar 2001 13:09:18 -0500

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> > In December I had indicated that I would try to rewrite the shipping
> > module to handle Multiple Ship To's.
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> > I have been unable to do this, due to a variety of higher priority
> > items, both business and personal.
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> > Has anyone else endeavoured to handle Multiple Ship To's?
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> > What I need is the protypical gift shop store where a person might order
> > 10 items, either different or the same, which are to be shipped to
> > anywhere from 1 to 10 different addresses.
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> > The Construct something Demo is tantalizing in that it allows the entry
> > of multiple ship to's but it does nothing with the data.
>   This is not entirely true - the construct demo, as it installed itself
> on my machine, takes the line by line ship-to:'s and writes them into the
> individual order files in the orders/ directory.  Although I would like
> this information to display in the GUI, I have not had time to pump it in
> (yet).  So I just manually check the orders.  We get less than 6 orders
> a day, so it isn't a difficult thing to look at.
>   Eventually, when we finish educating our shipping people, I will have
> the entire order with credit card and ship-to:'s get encrypted and
> e-mailed to the fulfillment person. (but they're still complaining about
> having to get adjusted to Eudora and the new web insterface for phone
> orders)

Yes, and foundation in the next version will have a better implementation.
But it still will not address what is usually the question, multiple
shipping calculations line-by-line. Very possible, but there are a lot
of pitfalls to it.

Our PSG group has done this on a custom basis, and they might be able
to help the original poster with that. To reach sonemone who can help
you there, just send email to sales@akopia.com.

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