[ic] Construct Us Demo Colors (Need to convert to a variable)

Young Family ary@communicationfactory.com
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 12:23:33 -0800

Hi All

While I am quite impressed with the Construct Us demo, I am not very pleased
with the color scheme.
That FF9900 Orange is quite hard on the eyes..

Two questions...
1 . How Can we create a minivend variable that sets the color scheme in one
setup file ? Go easy on me I am looking but I havent found that capability
yet, maybe I have missed something.

2. Is there some Linux grep command thing that can search all of the html
template pages and replace the hard-coded colors with a call to the
afore-mentioned minivend variable? Obviously that will not work for the
graphics but it will help save some time.

Thanks in advance.
Alan Young