[ic] External Credit Card verification

marco ghezzi interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Sat Jan 5 05:56:04 2002

you'll find some email on this subject making a search in the mailing 
list archives with 'SELLA' .
i' have implemented a multi page checkout with credit card 
verification and it seems to work
if you need further help write to me


At 10:08 +0100 5-01-2002, Stefano Malagoli wrote:
>In my order process I have to use an external credit card page for input and
>card validation.
>To do this I want to use the multi page order feature of IC, but in the
>documentation I can't find any explaination and in the demo no example.
>Is this a correct way ?
>Can some one give me starting point ? or any other hint ?

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