[ic] Order Problem when too many

Sheamus Nulty interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Tue Jan 8 09:40:00 2002


I've come across a problem which at the moment I'm unable to fix. Basically,
when I try to add an order to my system which has more than 9 line items in
the basket the checkout page is returned with no error. The following
information is logged to the error log x4VhzwYP: - [08/January/2002:13:24:44 +0000] cl
/cgi-bin/cl/process.html Route log failed. x4VhzwYP: - [08/January/2002:13:24:44 +0000] cl
/cgi-bin/cl/process.html ERRORS on ORDER CL0201080003:
> Error during creation of order routing log:
> Route log failed. at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Order.pm line 1543.

>From the Administration system I can see that the order was actually added
but only a total of 9 line items have been added to the orderline table.
I've checked my mysql logs and its not reporting any errors as it seems that
only 9 items have been requested to be added.

I've turned on debugging and I can't seem to find any more information as to
why the route log is failing as the import  information diplayed in debug is
the same for the entries that don't get added to the database.

I would really appreciate any help to try and resolve this matter. I'm
running Interchange V4.8.2 on Redhat 7.0 with mysql 3.23.41