[ic] Writing informaton to database

Benjamin Johnson interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Wed Jan 9 11:33:00 2002


I am trying to do something along the same lines. One of our products
involves giving access to a password protected area of a website. I have
written a perl module which when called with the order_number as a
parameter will go to the database and see if that order contained
products from a certain category. If it did it will then pull out the
e-mail address associated with that order, generate a random password,
and add these to a database which is used by Apache for authentication.
It will then mail the user the password. 

What I am trying to do now is work out the best place to hook this into
Interchange. Any ideas anyone?

Many thanks, 


On Wed, 2002-01-09 at 16:01, Kevin Walsh wrote:
> > I would like to write some of the users order information to a different
> > table in the database for statistical use.  What is the best way to
> > approch this?  I know I could do it with a [query sql=insert into ....]
> > but that doesn't strike me as very secure.  What other methods would you
> > suggest?  I searched the archives and didn't find anything, but if you
> > know of a thread, point me there.
> > 
> Although I don't understand your security concern with [query] and SQL,
> I would suggest you edit the catalogue's etc/log_transaction file.
> Copy the existing method of writing to the transactions table, but use
> your own table name and contents.

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