[ic] Editing pages with Admin (logout.html)

Michael Hall interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Mon Jan 14 14:42:01 2002

Recently set up a store for one of our customers, initially everything was
working fine but then I started noticing a problem with 'Logout'. A user
would logout (and it would display 'User logged out', or whatever) yet
the menu bar button still displayed 'Logout' (vs 'Login') and if you
attempted to login it'd come back and say already 'Logged in', repeated
attempts to logout produced the same thing.

I initially looked at 'logout.html' and that looked fine, but after looking
everywhere else I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then I noticed the
'logout.html' had been changed by one of our web designers, he'd used the
Admin interface's Page Editor to remove some components. Comparing it to
a vanilla logout.html I saw the first line had been removed, ie:

'[seti done][userdb function=logout clear=1][/seti]'

Putting that back in fixed the problem :-)

Anyway, the problem is solved but are some pages not meant to be editted
with the Admin Page Editor or should that line be placed in some tag or
something so the Page Editor leaves it alone? I duplicated this a few times
and I can manually put the line in but every time I use the Page Editor it
removes it :-(

I'm using IC 4.8.3 (tarball), BSD 4.2 (aka BSDi), and Perl 5.005_03.

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Mike Hall,
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