[ic] Credit Card Processing in the UK

Kevin Walsh interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Tue Jan 15 11:16:01 2002

> > Are there any people on the list who are sucessfully using Interchange
> > in the UK with an online credit card processing firm? If so which one -
> > and if it is US based was it simple to go about getting a US merchant
> > account. I've been thinking about Verisign, but according to them I will
> > need a US bank account and merchant account. 
> > 
> To the best of my knowledge (and research) *all* US based 
> merchant account providers require you to have a US 
> address and bank account, I believe that this is also true 
> of US based payment gateways.
> In the UK, all the major banks provide merchant accounts, with
> NatWest being the favoured one usually if you want a multi-
> currency setup. However, as you probably know, getting a 
> merchant account from a UK bank is like getting blood from 
> a stone for anything smaller than a top500 company.
> Check out worldpay.com and securetrading.com  (both with 
> headquarters in the UK). As it happens, I posted about worldpay
> yesterday with details of how we have it working. 
Barclays Merchant Services also have an interface that allows
a multi-currency setup, or an ordinary, depending upon what you
want.  They also desire less blood from your stone and can
approve applications within 48 hours via their "en@ble" service.

Barclays used to use the CyberCash interface until CC went bust,
now they have a similar interface, called MPI.  Find out more at:


Alternatively, you could try "Secure Trading", at:


You will need an existing merchant account before you can use
the Secure Trading PSP.  Again, you could look at BMS's en@ble.

I'd steer clear of systems that require you to use their own
secure server (WorldPay etc.), as proper a integration with
Interchange will prove troublesome to achieve.

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