[ic] Any tips on Opera / Netscape compatibility?

Dan Browning interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Thu Jan 17 19:32:01 2002

>   My site works under Opera up to the checkout page, when 
> after I place an order I get this error:
> "State/Province: '' not a two-letter state or province code"
>   Netscape doesn't even get that far.  Netscape 6.2 can get 
> to the checkout page, but it cuts off somewhere in the 
> middle, and Communicator 4.7 cuts off after the top menu bar 
> right away, making the entire site inaccessible!  I know some 
> of you folks have faced similar compatibility problems... any tips?
> Thanks
> -- Jim Sustacek

If you can confirm the problem at:


Then enter a detailed bug report in bugzilla, it would be greatly
appreciated, I'm sure. 

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