[ic] Interchange makecat woes!

Marty Tennison interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Sun Jan 20 16:49:00 2002

> Since you selected the SUEXEC/CGIwrap option and are root, we aren't sure
> which user and group you intended to own the link program. We
> have selected
> the catalog user's UID/GID (576/511), but this may not match your
> server definition. If you get a server error, change the ownership to its
> proper value and ensure that the SUID bit is turned off on the link
> program (/var/www/html/WebSites/www.silverjewelbox.com/cgi-bin/catalog).
> chown executable: No such file or directory
> No matter what I do or what permissions I change, I cannot get past this
> point in the makecat script.  Iım doing this as root so I donıt know why I
> would be having these problems.  I have not tried to turn off the SUID bit
> in the link program yet, but something tells me there might be another
> problem.

Don't install interchange as root!  Create a user called interch and install
as that user.  And most importantly, RTM!!!