[ic] Re: AOL in negotiation to buy Red Hat

Barry Treahy, Jr. interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Mon Jan 21 12:22:01 2002

JT Justman wrote:

>The only reason AOL does not use the perfectly good browser and dialup
>system that comes with Windows,
Ah,  Justin? Hello?!?!  The viruses of this past two years have 
exploited Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook on the desktop.  You 
consider this a reflection of 'perfectly-good' software and you run on 
e-commerce business?  This is considered acceptable risk?  An OS so 
flawed that the FBI gets their noise under the tent because MS can't get 
their act together with either the desktop or server side of their products?

I can't even pretend to understand your perspective on this one...



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