[ic] nontaxable

Mike Heins interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Tue Jan 22 13:59:01 2002

Quoting Paul Jordan (jordan@gishnetwork.com):
> Hi guys.
> I have some downloadable goods. BTW In california we don't have to tax soft
> goods. I have everything working fine, except tax still gets added if the
> user is NOT logged in. If the user IS logged in, it works fine, probably
> because I have "dealer" set as YES for people that create accounts.
> I don't want somebody to HAVE to make an account, not get taxed. But I do
> want them to log in to get quantity pricing. I don't have any reference in
> catalog.cfg, but in after.cfg I have:

Just remove all references in the profiles to NonTaxableField, and
set it directly in catalog.cfg to "nontaxable".

Also, there is no reason this stuff has to go in etc/after.cfg -- this
is only done to enable the different tools/presentations/reports 
personalities for the foundation catalog. You can remove the file
and put those settings in catalog.cfg.

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