[ic] Documentation

Stefan Hornburg Racke interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Fri Jan 25 12:35:00 2002

Jurgen Botz <jurgen@botz.org> writes:

> The documentation has some obvious gaps.  A bit of historic searching shows
> that these have been there for a while without getting fixed... with free
> software that can be expected, or rather, the user can't expect it to be
> fixed unless they do it.  But IC isn't just free software it's /also/ a
> RedHat supported product.  Would I get more complete documentation from
> RedHat?  Is the printed doc RedHat sells more complete?

Please be aware that emails of these kinds tend to be ignored. People
are bitching all the times about the documentation of Interchange, but
only a very small set of people are actually working on it.
And these guys are usually very busy with doing their work and
Interchange development at all.


Think of it !

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