[ic] UI IC tags in comment field [ becoming [

Bob Ramstad interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Fri Jan 25 20:30:00 2002

Howdy.  I've got a couple of weird ones here, I'll write them up

We've been imbedding IC tags in the comment fields for many of our
items as we use imagemaps within some items to get to other items.

I use [pragma safe_data] in the flypage so that HTML and IC tags are
rendered properly.

In the last couple of days, we've run into what seems to be a very
weird issue.  A page with an imagemap working great will mysteriously
stop working when edited to fix some other minor problem.

I duplicated this in the UI, and I know what is happening, but I
don't know why or how to fix it.

I went into the UI, picked an item to edit, and viewed the contents of
the COMMENT field.  Everything looked fine, with some lines like

<AREA ... href="[area foo]" ...>
<AREA ... href="[area bar]" ...>

I made a minor change to a completely unrelated part of the item page,
and verified that the imagemap no longer worked for the item.

When I went back into the UI, that same snippet now looks like

<AREA ... href="&#91;area foo]" ...>
<AREA ... href="&#91;area bar]" ...>

and in fact, ALL the left brackets are being changed to &#91; in the
entire comment.

The truly odd thing is that this doesn't happen on the initial edit,
just on successive ones.  I.E. if I change each of these back, and
click OK, the imagemap for that item will work fine again, but if the
item is ever edited again, it'll revert.

So, any thoughts?  Anyone else seen this behavior in the UI?  Any
suggestions on getting it to stop?

I'm using MySQL, if that is relevant.

-- Bob