[ic] Thanks, Debugging, and Documentation

Stefan Hornburg Racke interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Sun Jan 27 00:20:01 2002

Jurgen Botz <jurgen@botz.org> writes:

> Thanks to Stefan Hornburg, Mike Heins, John Wrong, and John J. for
> answering my questions... very helpful so far.
> One thing that I've been struggeling with as I'm trying to learn
> this stuff is debugging... [dump] is somewhat helpful, the catalog
> log error.log shows perl errors, and of course one can always put
> tags/code on a page to elucidate what's going on inside the black box.
> But one thing that I think would be particularly helpful in 
> understanding IC is if I could sometimes examine intermediate 
> output of tag expansion... is there anything like this in there
> that I haven't found yet?

Not really.

> Any other useful tricks for debugging or finding out what's going
> on inside, especially on forms processing that people could share?

You can set 

Variable DEBUG 1

in your interchange.cfg, activate logDebug statements in the
IC sources but you have to find the right places :-(.

> As for Documentation... although there are gaps, as a reference doc
> it's pretty good once you understand how to use the doc itself, but
> for initial learning more examples would be helpful.  I think rather
> than a more comprehensive "how to build a store" tutorial a set of
> small tutorial IC apps that explain specific aspects of IC (i.e.
> forms processing, data base manipulation, etc.) would be best.  I
> will take a shot at starting one or two over the next few weeks.

We will see ...


Think of it !

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