[ic] Need suggestions for payment module

Ron Phipps interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Mon Jan 28 15:15:00 2002

> From: interchange-users-admin@interchange.redhat.com
> users-admin@interchange.redhat.com] On Behalf Of Jason Balicki
> Hi all,
> A few months ago I posted to this list and asked about payment
> modules.  Several people replied and I decided to contract with
> one of them who told me that they could have it done in a few
> days.
> Well, long story short:  it's months later now, they've charged
> our company credit card and they won't return our phone calls.
> My questions are 1) should I say who it is on the list so others
> won't get burned?

I'd suggest you email them or call them once more and let them know that
you intend on posting their company name and contact information to the
list and will tell your side of the story to the public.  Give them the
opportunity to respond on the list with their side of the story (there
is always two sides ;).  Call your CC company and decline the charges,
this is a very easy thing to do and the CC company is on YOUR side.
File a complaint with the BBB detailing what happened.

> And 2) can anyone ELSE help me with this module?  I have
> I just don't understand it that well, though I was told by the
> former contractor that "this interface is easy if you're a

Which payment processor is this for?  Do they provide a method using
binary files on the server or does the processor use a secure site to
post and retrieve information to/from?

> Whoever does eventually write this, it will be under the GPL so it
> can get folded back into IC.  That was in the contract w/ the former
> company, as well.

Cool! Another payment processor will be added to the list, thanks!

Good luck,