[ic] New SQL::Statement module broken

Jon Jensen interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Thu Jan 31 12:49:00 2002


A few weeks ago, a completely rewritten version of the SQL::Statement
module was released to CPAN by Jeff Zucker, starting with version 1.0.
It's now written in pure Perl.

However, the important part of the SQL::Statement WHERE clause handling
that Interchange uses is completely missing. Please do not upgrade your
SQL::Statement, and make sure you're using version 0.1021 or earlier by
Jochen Wiedmann, until we can either get the new maintainer to fix his
module or update Interchange to handle WHERE clauses differently.

(The affected part in Interchange is Vend::Scan around line 673. The
entire SQL::Statement::Op package and the where method are missing now.)