[ic] Checkbox problems

Alma Nuker interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Sun Jun 2 18:27:01 2002

I have three checkboxes on my form. At start I need them to be unchecked

(ie values set to 0 ot False) and once when checked value needs to chage

to 1 or false depending which checkbox it is.

I tried following and many similar options but I can not make it work
(alos if page is reload i loose values of check boxes):

<INPUT TYPE="CHECKBOX" NAME="spider_feeder"  VALUE="False" [checked
name=spider_feeder value="True"] > Spider Feeder &nbsp;&nbsp;
<INPUT TYPE="CHECKBOX" NAME="portal_client" VALUE="0" [checked
name=portal_client value="1"]> Portal Client &nbsp;&nbsp;
<INPUT TYPE="CHECKBOX" NAME="portal_server" VALUE="0" [checked
name=portal_server value="1"]> Portal Server
Any ideas ???

Thanks a lot .