[ic] Does Interchange have any competition? Yes, it's called Miva.

Dan Sabo interchange-users@interchange.redhat.com
Wed Jun 5 22:42:01 2002

Yes it does.  It is called Miva Merchant.  www.miva.com  I have used it for
two years, it is fully and completely customizable.  I have six stores I
created with it.  Price tag is 600 bucks per domain, but if you are a
reseller you can buy ten licenses and the server software for 1,500.00.  Or
for anywhere from 30 to 50 bucks per month you can set up a miva site
through a reseller and U get free Miva software.  It has payment gateway
modules, UPS and fedex mods, the works.


However, I am going to try out Interchange as soon as I get my dedicated
server set up.  If it works as good as Miva I'm going to switch all of my
customers over to it.

Big advantages Miva has though, is full tech support, ability to handle up
to 500,000 items, an add on module for just about every scenario, and lots
of developers write custom code for it.  Also the new compiled version of
Miva is hitting the market in about a month, and I tried the beta test
version, and it runs fast.  Very fast.

Dan Sabo

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I was wondering about this today.  I spent quite a lot of time looking at
shopping carts before I came across Interchange.  Nothing even comes close
from what I've seen.  Is there anything else out there as customizable
without a five-figure price tag?

- Grant

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