[ic] Announcing Formation of ICDEVGROUP

Aaron Hazelton interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Mon Jun 10 09:24:00 2002

> There are thousands of people using Interchange or Minivend, and
> hundreds that rely on it for mission-critical needs. In order to
> support this community, the Interchange core developers have founded
> the "Interchange Development Group" (ICDEVGROUP) which defines itself
> as follows:
> "The Interchange Development Group (ICDEVGROUP) is a worldwide network
> of developers dedicated to fostering the evolution of Interchange, a
> highly professional Perl-based web application server in continuous
> development since 1995."

Just trying to get a handle on this... does this mean that Interchange
no longer "RedHat's" ecommerce software but that it is now
maintained and distributed?  just curious.

Aaron Hazelton