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Quoting Bill Carr (bill@worldwideimpact.com):
> On Tue, 2002-06-11 at 23:28, Kevin Walsh wrote:
> > I'm sure that you could come up with a whole host of weird
> > such as encoding the card number into a PNG image file and sending
> > HTML-encoded order emails, but the fact of the matter is that none
> > of them will be secure enough to stop you losing your merchant
> > if you are caught.
> > 
> > I suggest that you either take the time to install PGP/GnuPG, or
> > you use some form of automated card payment processor.
> How can a non-technical Windows user decrypt a PGP encrypted message
> from their mail client? We used to ship PGP from Network Associates to
> our clients for this purpose but this product has been dropped. How
> we get the CC info to the shop keeper safely with little pain or no
> pain? Realtime processing is not an option for low volume sites.

I think GPG has a Windows version, though I don't know how easy
it is to install and get going, and I don't know if it can
be added to Eudora and such to do easy inline decrypts.

A pointer to the Windows version of PGP and/or GPG which is
easy and supports common mailers would seem to be a nice thing 
to have in our FAQ. Anyone know?

We point our clients to here:

When installed, the software automatically "attaches" itself to Outlook,
Outlook Express, Eudora and a few other mail clients.  It is VERY easy
to use.

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