[ic] Re: adding order status to drop-down menu

Mike Heins interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Mon Jun 17 13:24:01 2002

Quoting Jim Sustacek (jim.sustacek@computercasesandcables.com):
> Quoting Mike Heins (mike@valuemedia.com):
> >
> >Quoting Jim Sustacek (jim.sustacek@computercasesandcables.com):
> >> Hello, all. I want to add an order status option "Processed" to the
> >> order_status admin page -- where do i find these options to add or
> >> edit them? Like "Shipped", "Back ordered" etc. Thanks.
> >
> >In the "transactions" table display when editing a record.
> >
> Thanks for the response, Mike. But what I was really wondering was,
> where can I add an order status option to the drop-down menu that
> appears on the "order_status.html" admin page? I know I can manually
> type "Processed" every time, but I'd rather make it an option there.
> Thanks again -- Jim

Just exactly where I told you the first time. You use the "meta"
function like any other database field. It is the transactions
field "status".

If you actually *went* to the transactions table and looked
at a record, it should be obvious.

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