[ic] Persistence of item-modifier

Jerry Brady interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Wed Jun 19 09:56:02 2002

I was unable to locate the "Interchange E-Commerce Functions" reference
manual. Does anyone have a URL?

My problem is not the same as the one Ubi described.  Item-modifier is
working just fine for me all the way through the receipt and reporting
processes of my catalog.  It's just that after the order is finished,
there is no record of the modifier values in any of the database tables.
I expected it to be in the orderline table.

My questions really are:

If I have "UseModifier color" in a properly configured catalog, will
that result in Interchange creating a "color" database field in the
orderline table?

I need my item modifiers added to the orderline table for order tracking
and I'm sure there are others out there that would like item-modifier
information tracked in the status of their orders.  I'm going to try and
reconfigure my development catalog from scratch this morning to see if
anything changes.

I thinking about doing the following if that doesn't work:

1. Create two new fields in the orderline table, by editing the
appropriate dbconf file for my item-modifiers.
2. Remove products/orderline.sql and restart Interchange to create the
new table.
3. Add the two new orderline fields  to the orderline entry in
products/mv_metadata.asc (what does this really do?)

Then I just have to figure out how to put the hooks in during the
checkout process to get Interchange to place these modifier values in
the orderline table.

I'm not worried about the admin GUI at this point.

- Jerry

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>> It appears that item-modifier does not persist as an attribute of an 
>> order once it is placed.  I'm using the catalog.cfg 
>directives to add 
>> a few modifiers to items during checkout, but I was surprised when 
>> these didn't show up in the orderline table.
>> I wanted to see if either:
>> A. I did something incorrectly that caused the system not to include 
>> my modifiers in the updates the orderline table; or
>> B. Item-modifier was never intended to be used for data that 
>needs to 
>> be tracked in any of the orders tables.
>> I would appreciate any guidance you can give me in either 
>finding the 
>> cause of my problem or directing me in modification more appropriate 
>> to my purposes.  The two item modifiers I am currently using will be 
>> an important part of the order status and tracking system I am 
>> building for my client.
>Look up the UseModifier directive in the "Interchange 
>Configuration" reference manual for modifiers that you use 
>often, such as size or colour.  That directive is also 
>described in the "Item Attributes" section of the "Interchange 
>E-Commerce Functions" reference manual.
>There are other methods, involving "mv_item_option" values, in 
>association with "mv_order_*" values, but the UseModifier 
>directive is usually good enough.  If you are interested in 
>mv_item_option, you can see an HTML example in the "options" 
>section of the "Interchange Tags" reference manual.
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