[ic] Credit Card comes up with XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-2884

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I suppose I'm confused then.  I understand that is very un secure.

So, how would I go about getting the credit card numbers?  If I log into the
cart again, and then click on orders, will I be able to bring them up?

We already have GPG keys for our email, but we don't have a secure
certificate yet for the website, we will be getting that soon.  Will that
enable it to email us the information or do we still have to visit the site
to get the orders?


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On Sun, 23 Jun 2002, Cline Communications, Corp. wrote:

CCC>>I'm sorry, I'm new to this a little bit . . . But, I'm curious why when
CCC>>receive orders they come across as:  XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-2884.
CCC>>Is that because I'm not running it on a secure server yet?  I'd assume,
CCC>>would still send the credit card number either way.  Or does it not
send the
CCC>>whole thing through email and I have to go back out to the site to get
CCC>>whole thing?

What you are seeing is the CC value that is assigned to this sale to be sent
to the purchaser so that the purchaser knows what credit card was used
without sending the CC# in clear text between unsecure servers.

It is quite possible to easily send the complete CC# wherever you want in
the clear. IMHO, it gives the purchaser grounds for a lawsuit. You can wade
through the documentation and find the right programming words to do that
quite easily. However, this is an unsupported function that no one will help
you with, including me.

It's faster and easier to make PGP/GPG work.

No, that does not require a secure server. That is it's own form of

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