[ic] mysql password

harsh interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Tue Jun 25 18:26:01 2002

hi are you on chat? so i can do this with you at some point?

John Young wrote:

>>i have a security leak so i need to lock the passwords and change them
>>i change a lot of users but i need to change the mysql password , both 
>>as a user and in interchange and how it links to mysql. its working now 
>>but i need to change it to lock the machine down.
>With IC being very, very flexible, your MySQL username and
>password could be stored just about anywhere.  If, however,
>your catalog is based on Foundation, you might find that
>information in products/variable.txt - look for SQLUSER and
>SQLPASS.  If they are not there, you might consider doing
>some case-insensitive greps for those keys.  Also see
>For MySQL, you want to look into commands like mysqladmin,
>etc., but AFAIK, you'll need the administrative password in
>MySQL to change another account's password (short of reinstalling
>it - and knowing that usually goes hand-in-hand with knowing
>how to administer MySQL to some degree.
>Beyond that, you also have to question how much twiddling
>you feel comfortable doing on a running system at a point
>when you are very unfamiliar with it.
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