[ic] using frames with Interchange

TGroup interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Fri Jun 28 14:00:01 2002

>I placed the frameset page,
> index2.html, inside this directory, so the address used to call up the
> now becomes
> ("thesite.com" is a substitute for the actual site name for demonstation
> this mailing list only).

There is no way to know what is going on unless you say how
you are calling the frames, i.e. posting the page that
calls them.

If you don't have the frames called with [area pagename] from one
frameset page, they will get issued different session IDs.

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Thanks for the reply, Mike.  The site in question is at:
http://nordfab-qf.com/~nordfab/cgi-bin/cart.cgi/framed/index2.html . I
searched the docs using the keywords "session id", looked under "Tree
Design", and found this:  "If you are using frames, source all frame panes
containing Interchange links from an initial page served by Interchange. If
you don't do this, the user may have multiple session IDs depending on which
frame generated the link."

That's what I thought I was doing by placing my frameset page inside the
Interchange directory structure.  If the frameset page is index2.html, does
your advice mean that I place a tag somewhere (in the header or body?) in
the source code of the frameset page that is exactly this:  [area

Your generousity, and that of all contributors to this list, is a matter of
great admiration by those of us who depend on this resource as the place to
go after we "have exhausted all other possibilities".  Thank you.