[ic] Implementing Fedex Shipping

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Fri Aug 1 21:36:48 EDT 2003

> Hey All,
>     I am having a lot of trouble changing shipping from UPS to Federal
> Express.  The ecommerce site that I am working on, only uses fedex as a
> carrier and thus would like interchange to calculate fedex shipping
> rates for the various fedex options.
>     I have made the following attempts at changing this thus far.
> 1) catalog.cfg:  DefaultShipping __SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE__
> 2) products/variable.txt: SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE       FES     Shipping
> 3) products/variable.txt: UPS_ORIGIN      11361   Shipping
> I am happy to provide other data if necessary.  I can confirm that the
> Fedex Perl module is installed in ~/lib/Business/Fedex.pm.  As a note,
> there are csv files and gdbm files for 2ndDayAir, Ground, & NextdayAir,
> but nothing for fedex in the catalogs/*/products dir?  Does fedex rely
> on similar files ? If not, is there a necessary work around in other
> pages.

      You didn't mention your version of IC though I'm not sure if this
has changed or not.. There are probably other methods but this should work.

>From admin UI.  Select tables, then country table. I'll assume country for
you is US so edit the US entry and place your shipping modes in the
Shipping modes field. Looking cart/products/shipping.asc for the values
you want for your preferred shipping. Save the changes and make sure
you 'Apply changes'  If I've missed something let me know.


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