[ic] Scared.

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Mon Aug 4 14:52:22 EDT 2003

Stefan Hornburg <racke at linuxia.de> writes:

> Just remember that investing one or two hours for expert consulting
> is usually better than an angry customer - in the case you run into
> a block of stone during your project.

I'll second that.  It seems a little self-serving for both racke and I
to say that (since both of us do IC consulting); however, I've been on
both sides of that table.  

I've done multiple IC catalogs on a consulting basis and I've done
small consulting jobs.  Obviously, big catalog projects are nice to
have.  Even still, small jobs are nice too.  You work for an hour or
two and make some quick cash.

> From the other perspective, I've gotten outside help on multiple
occasions.  Even having more than a little IC experience, I still find
it expedient to get someone who's obviously more skilled than myself
to tackle specific problems I'm having.

This may qualify as the longest "me too" post in history, so I'll wrap
up.  Even if you want to be an IC consultant (or more likely a
web/e-commerce consultant), it makes sense to have a network of people
smarter than you to get tricky stuff done quick.
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