[ic] Scared.

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> Please, Pray tell.

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> On 28 Jul 2003 at 23:14, Stefan Hornburg wrote:
>> Just remember that investing one or two hours for expert consulting
>> is usually better than an angry customer - in the case you run into
>> a block of stone during your project.
> Racke -
> I think that is excellent advice.  What are your rates?

I know the interchange-biz mailing list exists and these types
discussions should probably move over there.  However, this is as good
as time as any to bring this up...

Many times in the past we've talked about a database of service
providers for Interchange.  This would include both ISPs who offer IC
hosting and consultants who offer catalog and IC customizations.  Last
time we talked about it, no conclusions were reached.  

Actually, I think the consensus was that because RedHat was offering
IC consulting and hosting that they may be reluctant to host a
database of their competitors.  Now that RedHat is pretty much out of
the picture, why can't we talk about doing this again?  All of the
core team "make their living" with IC consulting don't they?  Wouldn't
such a database be better for them?

I've volunteered to host the database in the past and even sent out a
request for those who wanted to be listed to email me.  I think I got
five responses.  The proper place to list this database is the
icdevgroup.org site.  If someone gives me access, I'll implement the
database and the forms necessary to enter/maintain/search it.
Alternatively, I could implement something on my own site and then
offer up my pages and such for someone actually in icdevgroup to just

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