[ic] Quickbooks - installation confusion

Joshua Lavin joshua at kingdomdesign.com
Mon Aug 4 15:33:25 EDT 2003

> I'm trying to get the Quickbooks module integrated into my IC 4.9.8 
> (gdbm, perl 5.6.1, Solaris8 x86) catalog and I'm having some 
> difficulties.  The documentation does not match the files and I'm not 
> sure which files to use/or not use.  I'm currently using the latest 
> version from CVS.

Yes, even the documentation included with IC is out-of-date. Hint: 
anything in the docs that refers to a file in the legacy directory can 
be omitted.

> 3) When I ran the installation script, the following was added to my 
> catalog.cfg file:
> # Allows Variable    vars/TRANS_QUICKBOOKS
> DirConfig vars
> # You can remove these requires if you don't want to use the
> # Quickbooks UI menu items
> Require usertag import_quicken_items
> Require usertag export_quicken_items
> But I get the following error when trying to start interchange:
> Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet payment module initialized, using LWP and 
> Crypt::SSLeay
> Low traffic settings.
> Calling UI......UI is loaded...
> Interchange V4.9.8
> Configuring catalog pm...Using default DBM database...DirConfig called 
> for non-hash configuration directive.
> In line 6 of the configuration file 'catalog.cfg':
> pm config error: DirConfig called for non-hash configuration directive.
> In line 6 of the configuration file 'catalog.cfg':
> pm: error in configuration. Skipping.
> pm: config error. Skipping.

I got the same error.

The problem with the script is this line (note: there were other 
problems in the script where the files were wrongly named, at least in 
my 4.9.8 version [no cvs]):
'DirConfig vars'

According to the Wiki docs, that should be:
'DirConfig Variable vars'

Once I changed that and restarted, it worked!


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