[ic] Implementing Fedex Shipping

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Mon Aug 4 21:25:16 EDT 2003

> >>Hey All,
> >>
> >>    I am having a lot of trouble changing shipping from UPS to Federal
> >>Express.  The ecommerce site that I am working on, only uses fedex as a
> >>carrier and thus would like interchange to calculate fedex shipping
> >>rates for the various fedex options.
> >>
> >>    I have made the following attempts at changing this thus far.
> >>
> >>1) catalog.cfg:  DefaultShipping __SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE__
> >>
> >>2) products/variable.txt: SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE       FES     Shipping
> >>
> >>3) products/variable.txt: UPS_ORIGIN      11361   Shipping
> >>
> >>I am happy to provide other data if necessary.  I can confirm that the
> >>Fedex Perl module is installed in ~/lib/Business/Fedex.pm.  As a note,
> >>there are csv files and gdbm files for 2ndDayAir, Ground, & NextdayAir,
> >>but nothing for fedex in the catalogs/*/products dir?  Does fedex rely
> >>on similar files ? If not, is there a necessary work around in other
> >>pages.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >      You didn't mention your version of IC though I'm not sure if this
> >has changed or not.. There are probably other methods but this should work.
> >
> >>From admin UI.  Select tables, then country table. I'll assume country for
> >you is US so edit the US entry and place your shipping modes in the
> >Shipping modes field. Looking cart/products/shipping.asc for the values
> >you want for your preferred shipping. Save the changes and make sure
> >you 'Apply changes'  If I've missed something let me know.
> >

     Shouldn't top post...


>    Thanks for your help.  I am running interchange 4.8.3 - i made those
> changes adding FES F2D FEG instead of the ups options.  I now no longer
> get ups shipping calculations.  I get nothing.  Some of the products are
> rather light (under 2 pounds) not sure if there are shipping routines
> that prevent fedex calcs for this.

>     Also as a side note, if i want to add some logic for shipping
> carriers.  (ie for x type of products use flat rate, for y use fedex &
> weight / zip code) where would one look to write this type of routine.
> Many thanks to all for the assistance.


    Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but you did click 'Ok' to save
your changes before clicking 'Apply Changes'   This is a rather straight forward

thing to do in IC so it should work. If not...  Take a peek in your
CatalogName/error.log file to see if something is in there. Make sure the
FES F2D and FEG are indeed in CatalogName/products/shipping.asc
and correct permission... Can't think right now what else to check.

    As far as different shipping for different products... I don't know off the
though seems like I've read someone asking how to do that some time ago.
Search the archives and I bet you'll find it.


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