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gurs at sbcglobal.net gurs at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 4 20:47:22 EDT 2003

On 31 Jul 2003 at 22:42, Terral Artis wrote:

> Does anyone have IC working with PayPal and IPN?
> Thanks,
> Terral

Hi Terral,

It is very easy to get working easier than any real payment gateway, but not as reliable 
since you don't have control (customer changing his/her mind, customer computer 
freezing up and that sort of stuff) over what the customer might do while at paypal.com 
send you a payment.

This is how I have it setup as,

I added the appropriate columns to my  transactions table to store PayPal.
Which store the appropriate PayPal variables.
I use avs for the address status from PayPal and auth_code for the transaction id from 

I added (you could create a new payment method or just rename one of the others, I 
prefer a new method much cleaner & portable) the Payment method for PayPal in my,
	etc/log_transaction and 
	ord/checkout pages.

I added a button with preset values to send to PayPal on my receipt page (it shows only 
if the customer choses PayPal). I created a Payment Successful page and a payment 
failed page. I use a php script to update my database.

I just remembered I still need to add the appropriate fields in the admin area of order 
checking, not too much work.

Whenever I get done with creating a real address book which I started after finishing 
this I will either post the PayPal code or send it to the ICDEVGROUP and if they wish to 
add it to the foundation demo they could.

Best Regards,

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