[ic] using calc tag with item options

Bill Jordan billjor at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 08:33:41 EDT 2003

Hi list, 
 I am using I.C. 4.8.7 with a mysql database on redhat 7.3
I am trying to use the calc tag in conjunction with the item-options 
functionality on the flypage of the foundation demo.
 Basically, i have a field called "candy" in my products table.
my products have varying sizes, so the "candy" field holds the number
of units that it takes to fill the product with candy.
 I sell three different kinds of candy in my products, each with
different prices. I would like to cause the item-options to calculate
the price of filling the item with a specific candy on the fly
basing that calculation on the number in the "candy" field in products.

I tried extending the length of the price field in the options database
and then doing them like:
gold=[calc][value candy]*2.5[/calc], logo=[calc][value candy]*3[/calc]
but that isn't working, it returns zero and also won't store through
the UI. 
 I have tried various kinds of quote encapsulation as well but no joy.
I am no perl wizard and I am a bit apprehensive about tearing into the 
guts of interchange itself. Does anyone know of a way to pull this off?
Bill Jordan

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