[ic] using calc tag with item options

Bill Jordan billjor at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 11:08:03 EDT 2003

>> gold=[calc][value candy]*2.5[/calc], logo=[calc][value 
>> but that isn't working, it returns zero and also won't store through
>> the UI. 


>'gold=' and 'logo=' are outside the calc tag, so this is not a
>assignment but gold= and logo= are labels that show as text on the 

>The rest of the list correct me if I'm wrong but couldn't this be done
>like so:

>gold=[calc]return q([value candy])*2.5;[/calc]

Thanks for the reply Marc,
 I am trying to put that entry into the price field of the options
Perhaps I am doing it wrong?
When I initally create the simple option, I just use a format like:

gold=Gold Coin Candy
logo=Logo Wrapped Mints

then I am going into the options table and attempting to enter the line
we are discussing. usually that field contains gold=2, logo=3
The text entries are:
Gold Coin Candy
Logo Candy
 Am I missing something on creating the options?
Sorry if it's a stupid question.

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