[ic] Fedex Shipping Woes - Seeking Consultant

Edward Maas maase at brainlink.com
Wed Aug 6 21:29:53 EDT 2003

Hey all,

	I've been trying to get shipping calculation working for interchange.  As part of the testing, we ran this test script.  There is no output.  Does anyone know of anything that might resolve this issue?  We are using the latest version of Interchange (4.8.7) with mysql.

	Also my boss is looking for an interchange consultant with expertise in shipping tables in interchange.  If anyone is interested please contact him directly.  His email is raj at brainlink.com or via phone at (917) 685-7731.  

	Thanks all for you help.  The code and output are included below.  


require Business::Fedex;
my $fedex = new Business::Fedex (
orig_country => 'US', # ISO code
orig_zip => '90095',
dest_country => 'US',
dest_zip => '94402',
$fedex->packaging('Envelope'); # FedEx Enveloppe, not yours
$fedex->getrate; # dies on error

# many services might be available
         print "Service\tDelay\tDropoff\tOther\tTotal\n";
         foreach ($fedex->services) {
               # a hash ref object
               print join("\t", $_->{service},  $_->{delay}, $_->{dropoff}, $_->{other}, $_->{total}), "\n";
         print "\nCheapest:\n";
         $_ = $fedex->cheapest;
         print join("\t", $_->{service},  $_->{delay}, $_->{dropoff}, $_->{other}, $_->{total}), "\n";

         print "\nOtherDetails:\n";
         my %d = $fedex->other_details;
         foreach (keys %d) {
                print "$_: $d{$_}\n";


Business::Fedex requesting POST http://www.fedex.com/servlet/RateFinderServlet
Content-Length: 260
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Service Delay   Dropoff Other   Total



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