[ic] permissions/access problem for viewing orders only

J P wwwsports at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 7 02:36:56 EDT 2003

I'm trying to set up a user in IC 4.8.6 that can
basically only view single orders (a customer service
rep to handle status inquiries etc).  I have set up a
user and tried various settings but I can't seem to
get it to work the way I want.  Is there a relatively
easy way that would let a customer service rep log in,
enter an order number or do a search and then just get
an order view page that only shows the order info and
doesn't have all the links into the other stuff built
into it - just let them view that order's info.

Here's what I have tried so far.

When I set the permissions for the user to View Single
(table permissions are all set to hide and they are
not assigned to any groups) and log in as that person
and click on the Orders menu button I get this error
"Sorry, no permission for page 'order=l'."

When I set the permissions to View Single and View
List and click on the orders menu button I get this
error message
"Not authorized for order administration. Contact

If I add view on table permissions for transactions
and orderline and retry both of the above, the first
one stays with the same message but the second option
gets them into the listing of pending orders, lets
them archive orders and such (even though I don't have
those permissions on).

Then if I add them to the order group, then they get
access to the orders and customers info and such and I
just want to let them view orders.


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