[ic] the result page and pass and read an URI argument

Danilo kosmo at trslab.it
Fri Aug 8 08:49:49 EDT 2003

Hi all,
I'm a new IC user. I use IC 4.8.7 on RH 8.0 and it function well.
to understand well the IC markup language I try to build a shop from 

the problems I've encountered are thats:

1. the [area search] tag  don't produce the expected result and give me 
an error
    this is the URL produced 
    but even the result.html page exist in the pages directory IC don't 
use it to present the data. why?
2. I need to made a search on four joined tables, and I can't find the 
manner on how to do that with the one click search method.
    the ActionMap it is more complex for me, and I wnat to use the 
calssic URI argument, even if I lost the Search Enginescapabilities
    I choose to build an URI  argument and use the arguments with the 
[query] tag to made my search on the result page, but I can do
    only the first half . I can't find a valid method to read the URI in 
the result page.

Thanks to all for any help.

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