[ic] Vertical Category Menu and page Class question

Jim Ratte Jim at recreationalmobility.com
Sat Aug 9 19:17:32 EDT 2003

Hi all,

Question. When I narrow down my vertical cat menu I run into a problem. If I
place a interchange page as a link on the menu, the narrowed down (page
class) menu remains on the screen.

Now if I create a link with search builder and attach it to a word on the
same menu, when the link is clicked the vertical cat menu changes back to
full menu.

How do I restrict this from happening? To see what I am referring to:


First click the A3 under Icom, no problem here. The menu stays the same.
Second, click VXA-700 Accessories link at the bottom of the menu. This is a
search link, and the menu changes back to the full menu length.

I don't care which method I use. However with the first method I do not see
anyway to pull into the page the item price and the nice 'buy now' graphic
button. If anyone has code for doing such, I'd sure appreciate it! Thanks,

Jim Ratte
Recreational Mobility
SkyRanger/Searey/Aventura/Flightstar/Sabre Trike dealer

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