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Tue Aug 12 21:39:46 EDT 2003

On 8 Aug 2003 at 11:25, Kevin Walsh wrote:

> > 
> > Since now I know I am not the only one doing this I will stick to it. Hopefully others will 
> > see the benefits and follow this neat Interchange capability, maybe ICDEVGROUP 
> > should patent it before Amazon or OpenMarket/Divine do.
> > 
> Software patents don't work where there's "prior art", so you should
> be safe.  Software patents are not valid in the UK, and other free
> countries, so I'm safe whatever.  :-)
> Take a look at the mini-cart on http://www.diy.com/.  It sticks out
> like a sore thumb and inserts a large "The item above has been added
> to your basket" block under the ordered item.  The site doesn't run
> Interchange, but it shows that the mini-cart idea works and is in use
> on busy sites, which further re-enforces the prior art.
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The U.S. patent office is famous for giving ridiculous patents to just about anyone as 
long as they are willing to file for them.

Your mini-cart definitely sticks out, BTW great site design.

Since I am using the cart_display component I have add a javascript alert box (for the 
time being, until I change the design of the tiny_cart to stick out). I simple put an 
"invisible" gif:

<img src="__IMAGE_DIR__/pixle.gif" onLoad="window.alert('Your Item(s) Have Been 
Added to Your Cart!');">

This might seem annoying to some but surprisingly I have since an increase in orders 
the past couple of days and since I haven't seen a spike in traffic I am assuming this is 
what has done it. And ofcourse cart_display only shows when an item is added 
otherwise it never loads so the alert box only loads when an item is added.

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