[ic] Why am I always getting the default translation?

Marc Brevoort marc.brevoort at armazemdedados.com
Wed Aug 13 11:40:56 EDT 2003

Sorry to bother again,

In a page I have a line saying

[LC][getlocale][en_US]About Us[/en_US][pt_PT]Quem somos[/pt_PT][/LC]

This line is always rendered to the value of [getlocale], regardless of
the string returned by tag [getlocale] being en_US or pt_PT. In other
words, for some reason I'm always getting the 'default' translation and
never the specific one -- even if the translation is available for the
given language regardless of what it is.

Quoting the documentation, the [LC] ... [/LC] pragma pair permits
specification of locale-dependent text.

           This is the default text.
   [fr_FR] Text for the fr_FR locale. [/fr_FR]
   [de_DE] Text for the de_DE locale. [/de_DE]

This seems clear enough, if no translation is found the default text
will be displayed. My catalog.cfg contains the following as locale

Locale          en_US LC_CTYPE C
LocaleDatabase  locale

meaning US english is the default language. But then at least the pt_PT
translation should come through after [setlocale pt_PT]?

What am I missing?


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