[ic] Upgrading Servers

Ton Verhagen tverhagen at alamerce.nl
Thu Aug 14 16:50:20 EDT 2003

Dear All,

We are currently looking into upgrading our servers
and software.

All current servers are based on RedHat Linux, and
Apache 1.3.x running on Dual Intel PIII and P4 Xeon

We are considering replacing our current servers by
Newisys 2100 machines (Dual AMD Opteron, 32
and 64 bit mode).

Has anyone experience with the following software:
- Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES8)
- Apache 2
- Zeus webserver
- Zeus Load Balancer

If so how do they perform or compare (performance, stability, security):
- Apache 2 versus Zeus (32 and 64 bits)
- SLES8 versus RedHat AS
- Apache 2 and Interchange
- Zeus and Interchange
- Zeus Load Balancer versus LVS and friends

Any comments regarding the above are much appreciated.

You may mail me off-list as this is a bit off topic.

Best regards,


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