[ic] Credit Card Number Retrieval

Andrew righteous at inbox.lv
Thu Aug 14 17:14:01 EDT 2003

My company uses a propriety system to handle orders once they come off
of the website.  I am working on converting to Interchange, but have
come to a stumbling block on credit card numbers.

Our system wants to intake the orders, including the credit card number
in simple text.  However, I am unable to get interchange to actually
output the mv_credit_card_number variable to the database.

in my etc/profiles.order I have this entry:

__NAME__                            credit_card
&fatal = yes
cc_name = required

&credit_card=standard keep
&set=mv_payment Credit Card ([value mv_credit_card_type])
&set = backoffice_tender_type [value mv_credit_card_type]

The Interchange docs explain that the standard option under &credit_card
encrypt the number and remove its cgi value.  However, by adding the
keep option, the value is able to be saved. 

My interchange system however deletes this value.  mv_credit_card_number
is blank from the moment the form submits using

For exampe, in etc/log_entry I attempt to save the cc_number to the
database using inside the [import] container tag:

cc_number: [value mv_credit_card_number]

This always draws a blank value.

Does anyone know how to get around this?  Or provide useful help?

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